Folio Invest – About Us

Who are We?

We are one of Australia’s leading Investment companies for people looking to build wealth through residential property.

It is our goal to help raise the financial awareness of our clients and ensure that they are equipped with the right advice and empowered to make it into Australia’s financial top 1%.

Not only are we are a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals but we are active investors ourselves. Our team has personal and significant experience in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Property Development, Finance, Financial Planning and Wealth Creation Strategies.

This is what sets us apart from other groups and our expertise enables us to develop the best strategies and solutions to meet the needs of any Property Investor.

Meet The Team to Learn More

Why Choose Us?

Our team boast a broad spectrum of professionals that compliment any aspiring investor as well as those that are more sophisticated. Their experience is unrivalled and the knowledge and assurance they bring to the process is what can make the difference between buying an ‘okay’ investment and a ‘great’ investment.

We identify with Investors who are burdened with the choice of either dealing with a Property Marketing Company (often disguised as Education Companies) to select a property or use a Buyer’s Agent at great cost – in both instances the client’s needs can come second.

How are we different? We are not aligned to any Developer and we do not charge for our service – we negotiate hard to find great deals for our clients and once we do, we charge the Developer for working with us.

We invest where our clients invest. Our staff are all active investors and our team source great investment opportunities that have to pass a simple test question: Would we buy it? If the answer is yes, then normally we do!.

We work with you to develop a strategy that meets your goals and only then are you invited to join us in enjoying the benefits of acquiring property that truly suits the accomplished investor.

We are your team – We understand the need to be surrounded by like-minded investors and to have access to guidance on the journey to Financial Freedom!


“15% growth over last 12 months”

Our Investment Strategies

Whether a Novice starting out or a Sophisticated Investor – We can improve your position

Pay Off Home Loan Fast

Seasoned Investors know how to make debt work for them, not against them – learn how to harness this shift in ‘normal’ thinking

Passive income of 100K per year

There is a proven path to putting this income stream in place with just a handful of properties coupled with the right strategy

Reduce your taxes to ZERO legally

Smart Investors working with the right knowledge know how to turn a profit while legally reducing taxes

SMSF Property

Why would you pay for investments with after tax dollars when you can use another way to invest with pre-tax dollars and turbo charge your retirement fund

Accelerated Wealth Growth

We have proven opportunities for seasoned investors to access returns of 15% per year on cash and also access to developer profits

Bulk Buy Discounted Property

Folio Investors come together so that we can use the power of strength in numbers to secure multiples of properties in developments


“Predicted Strongest Capital Growth over the Next 12 months”

Investment Workshops

Your Money Your Future

Investing is a big decision. And — confusing!
There are so many factors to consider.
… how will you move forward?

Get your answers now.
Your Money Your Future will answer all of your questions.

  • Right now is a critical point in our economic cycle. Low interest rates and high property demand.
  • In just a couple of hours you will gain the insights that could change your life, provide a sound basis for your retirement and ensure your legacy for your children and theirs.
  • Whether you were able to attend our last event or not, the Your Money Your Future education event will arm you with the tools to grow your wealth and secure your future.

We’ve helped hundreds of Australians become millionaires and even multi-millionaires. And they all started their wealth journey by attending one of our events…
Come and learn how you can take advantage of the current economy as it is TODAY with your complimentary ticket valued at $297.

Book a Seat

Fast Track to Wealth (Full day event)

Step-by-Step Strategies and a Proven System to acquire a Multimillion Dollar Portfolio across property, shares, managed funds, gold and other integrated investments.

The results are on the board!

  • The 7 critical things you must know when planning your portfolio to produce high results
  • Why Australia is an excellent tax haven and how it can protect your assets.
  • 9 ways to massively drive down your debt once and for all.
  • You’ll learn exactly why most people you know are hypnotised to fail financially (Warning: you can’t un-see this and will notice it everywhere you go!)
  • Using other investments as the key to growing your property portfolio.
  • How to make more wealth than you need or want regardless of the economy
  • Our exact strategies for leveraging property to acquire more investments. (i.e. how to have money making money for you)
  • That includes most of the so called professionals in your life!

At the end of this day you will know more about wealth creation than most people you know, and that includes most of the ‘professionals’ in your life.

Book a Seat


“One of Australia’s fastest growing cities”

Our Services

These are just some of the many services we provide a Folio Invest

Investment Education

Industry leading Workshops for both beginners and seasoned investors working with Australia’s #1 Millionaire Maker

Investment Mentoring

Partner up with our expert team to move forward in a safe environment on your wealth creation journey

Property Financing

Our Resident Broker holds the industry’s highest accolades and covers every aspect of Finance from residential to Commercial Property

Wealth Planning

We combine the considerable talents of our Finance & Planning specialists to help you realise the potential from your present position

Retirement Planning

Our Financial Planning team cover every facet of planning from your Retirement to your next SMSF Investment


“Hidden potential all throughout SA”

Mentoring and Wealth Building

It is our goal to empower Folio Investors to reach the 1% Club – only this small group of the Australian population are Millionaires…

The shocking fact is only 1% cent of Australians will retire financially secure. They will be the ones who are able to fund their retirement while enjoying the lifestyle they deserve after a lifetime of hard work.

And did you know that it is only 4% of Australian’s that retire on more than $40,000 per year?

This is what sets us apart from other groups and our expertise enables us to develop the best strategies and solutions to meet the needs of any Property Investor.

What can be done to avoid this bleak future?

Many people do not realise until it’s too late that they need to have a plan in place that involves putting a piece of what they earn towards their future. People understand that Investing is something that they must embrace if they want to have a brighter future, but how many know where to start?

It’s not as simple as throwing your hard earned savings into shares, businesses’ or investment property and just watching it grow – it needs a smarter plan!

At Folio Invest we equip our clients with a plan to follow a system that holds investment property at its heart.

How do you really know if a property investment system is actually going to work? Let’s face it, there are dozens of options in the marketplace and tens of thousands of properties for sale

The answer…

You MUST use a PROVEN system.

A system that has produced real results for normal, everyday people. A methodology of property investment that has made millionaires out of investors.

At Folio Invest we have this PROVEN system that is implemented by an experienced team of investment mentors to help you achieve your financial future, freeing you to live the life that you want.

Our program has assisted people from all walks of life to achieve their goals. Many have become property millionaires as well as multi-millionaires!

How much is this going to cost you to join this program?


Why? We believe that by bringing clients into our community and by providing them with the knowledge they need to succeed, that they will want to continue to work with us and we will all profit together.

You can’t ignore your financial future – Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can achieve today…

BOOK NOW to speak with a member of our team


“High yield opportunities in our closest capital city to Asia”

Free Resources

We here at Folio Invest provide various tools for investors to generate the returns required to put them ahead of the market

FREE Membership

Becoming a Folio Investor brings a wealth of Property Offers and access to a whole range of resources and tools required by today’s Investors


Get up to the minute, entertaining and topical articles with opinions from our Experts on everything from New Deals to the next investment Hot Spots

Investor Reports

Access our library of Reports to expand your knowledge base, learn how the experts do it. This library is supplemented with new Reports each month

Financial Health Check

A FREE and NO obligation consultation with our team. Here we will plug in all your numbers to determine the best way for you to improve on your present position

Investor Calculators

It’s important for every Investor to know their numbers! We have over 15 different calculators to work everything out from ‘Borrowing Capacity’ to ‘Stamp Duty’


If is a question around Investing in Property then we have probably heard it before and answered it – this section in itself is a treasure trove of information

These are some of just some of our many services

      • Residential Investment Property

      • SMSF Setup

      • Mining Property

      • Off the Plan Property

      • Financial Planning

      • Investment Analysis

      • Sydney Property

      • Retirement Planning

      • Melbourne Property

      • Buyer Advocacy

      • 5% Deposit Offerings

      • QLD Property

      • WA Property

      • Negatively Geared Property

      • NRAS Property

      • First Home Buyers Property

      • Government Grants

      • Brisbane Property

      • Property Hotspot Detection

      • Investment Advice

      • NSW Property

      • North Queensland Property

      • Cash Flow Analyis

      • Investor Education


Proof that Folio Invest are the Market Leaders in Property

After helping hundreds of clients take a brief moment to see what some of them have had to say about our service offering

“It’s been an absolute breeze purchasing properties in Hervey Bay for a number of reasons.”

Folio Invest was able to source beach front apartments that were extremely well priced and turn one of them into $117k of profit after just 3 weeks of ownership. I purchased a second beach front property as a long term investment at a very low cost, already tenanted, neutrally geared and in a well maintained block complete with a live in Management team, thus given me peace of mind both financially with a 2% vacancy rate and well maintained 24/7. I will certainly call upon Folio Invest for their expertise in the market when I’m next looking to add to my property portfolio.

– Samantha Singer (Bought 2 Properties)

I was introduced to Folio through a good friend of mine, I must admit I was a bit hesitant making such a big commitment to buying a property especially as it was my first investment property. After spending some time with Brad on the phone I realised how knowledgeable he was and how many mistakes I was potentially going to make if I hadn’t found some great property investment advice. The property that I ended up buying was an absolute no-brainer it was way cheaper than anything else on the market. I wouldn’t have thought you could apply group buying philosophy to property.
Scott Dunlop
I’ve had the pleasure now of spending some time with Brad in his CBD office. I learned more in that meeting than I did my whole life regarding property. Within a few months I turned a $100,000 deposit in to 3 properties worth about $1,000,000. My entire portfolio is cash flow positive and I am on track to replacing my income within 15 years.
Paolo Beraldo
Being an accountant I am very numbers driven, first and foremost I look to see if the numbers stack up in my favour. The numbers certainly stacked and it was complemented with some very compelling reasons to choose the desired investment. I appreciated all the information I needed was provided and Brad talked me through every part of the investment and was able to answer every question with intricate detail. I have since referred on many of my clients to the team at Folio already, where all my clients sing their praise. I would happily recommend anyone serious about property to engage the service of Brad and the team at Folio Invest.
Jacob Arden


“Take advantage of growth fuelled by the mining industry”

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