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Mortgage Broker vs Traditional Bank Manager

Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker vs. a Traditional Bank Manager

Deciding to purchase a home is a major life decision and having access to the proper tools and experts to help guide you through the process is essential to a positive and stress-free experience. Once you know which property you want to buy, you […]

Benefits of Further Education on Investing in Property

Benefits of Further Education on Investing in Property

Some people believe that education on investing in property is not worth it or perhaps that it is too expensive. However, lack of education puts you at risk of making inappropriate investment decisions that can have devastating consequences in the short and long term. Financial literacy is […]

Buying Investment Property? Pick Your Strategy

If you have decided to buy your first investment property or to grow your existing portfolio, you must start by doing some serious thinking behind the scenes before you venture out to explore and find a suitable property. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner; starting by determining your […]

Investors are driving the growth in the Property Market

The Sydney property market experienced strong growth in 2013. So what will happen in the Sydney market in 2014? And will the growth rate of the other capital cities increase?

Most commentators are predicting that growth in the Sydney market will stabilise this year, and that 2014 will be the year for the other capital […]

Property Cycle by State Capitals

The property cycle information is an important tool for investors wanting to decide on their next investment opportunity. Here is a look at the property cycle according to each state capital.

Adelaide‚Äôs property market has been struggling for over 5 years along with an under-performing economy. This capital city is currently sitting in the trough […]